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Business Strategies

Business Problem:
T&G has grown from a two person company to over fifty staff without enhancing governance structure and business processes.  This impacted revenue growth and business expansion.
Provided leadership and direction for business operations and product development, instituted shared services such as enterprise resources management, accounting, logistics planning, marketing and sales.  Outsourced activities that were not part of T&G’s core business functions and freed up resources from spinning wheels.  Instituted mandatory corporate values to hold leaders, managers and employee accountable for ethical and policy violations.
Embarked on, and improved intrinsic value of the enterprise business strategy by reviewing business processes, workflow analysis, key performance indices, sales reports, financial statements, project status as required by the stakeholders. Developed reusable marketing strategy for each product line/range.  Recommended a new approach to managing product pricing with foreign manufacturers in light of government’s (Central Bank) inflexible foreign exchange regulations.    
Resulted in increased revenue and sound marketing mix

       Fannie Mae, Addison TX, USA


       Process Improvement

  • Business Problem:

  • As a key player in real estate mortgage financing, Fanniemae was faced with managing credit loss when real estate market went down.   Company needed a process to manage credit loss mitigation strategies and to focus on FHFA mandates for market recovery.

    Reviewed and actualized the modernization of Credit Loss Mitigation data solutions and integrated the process into new technology infrastructure platforms. 
    Collaborated in the development of a new credit processing business rules for servicers and non-servicers.
    Identified and improved mortgage financing processes to reduce outstanding real estate inventories and fraud.
    Established Business intelligence / reporting.
    Examined the processes used in the organization for vendor management and assessed their maturity in each process area.
    Managed vendor performance to monitor, control and sustain established Service Level Objectives (SLO).

    Better regulatory compliance, market security and improved loan payments to FHFA.  Improved business objectives (revenue growth and reduced real-estate owned (REO) inventory) and customer relationships.

Aable HealthCare Services, Plano, TX, USA


Project Management

Business Problem:
Although the booming elderly population presents a robust business opportunity for Home HealthCare Agencies, Aable had older and outdated systems that needed to be replaced with faster, less-intrusive and more powerful equipment to allow interface with home monitoring systems in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical networks and payer-sources  

Growth – Transformed aging systems to enable growth and faster time to market

Lower Cost• – Changed maintenance services to match business priorities and repurposed maintenance spend toward innovation

Mitigate Risks • – Upgraded IT support models and processes to reduce business risk, improved compliance and improved decision-making

Increased access to patients and services, information availability to caregivers and payer sources.  Improved corporate value and employee preference.


EDS/HP, Plano, TX, USA


Project Management

Business Problem
A major US airline needed to comply with International Air Transportation Association (IATA) regulation with respect to Baggage Handling (BH) and the travelling public.  The BH specification required compatibility with the airline’s proprietary tags while processing new IATA tags with messages such as BSM (Baggage Source Messages) and BPM (Baggage Processed Messages). The system must interface with existing Program Logic Controllers (PLC), Passenger Reservation system, for passenger destinations and flight information. 
Define the path –Performed assessments at each airport to determine current BH system strategic value based on their business volume, functional, technical and financial quality. We then created a modernization road map that recommended modernization strategies for each BH system, developing a business case to support the modernization journey.
Manage the journey – We establish a master schedule to execute the modernization strategies as a project with series of phases to create cost savings early, which in turn helped fund subsequent phases.
Mitigate the risk – We carefully planned for and managed the deployment of modernized BHS, mitigating any business risk to business continuity.
Achieve agility – A significantly higher level of flexibility enabled quick, timely response to the travelling public. Operating costs were reduced, and a larger percentage of the budget was allocated to strategic growth initiatives.


Timely compliance to IATA regulations and a saving of over $12 Million dollars over time. 



The Sabre Group, Southlake TX, USA


Project Management

Led project team to design, develop and implement material handling projects. Coordinated user acceptance testing with customers and documented system user and operation manuals.


Thompson & Grace

 Development Corporation,

 Nigeria Ltd, & TGDC USA Inc.


 Project Management

 Business Problem
Thompson & Grace Medical City’s multi-use development will comprise of commercial and residential real estate, high-end retail operations, high-end hospitality projects, 505Mw power generation, water purification and packaging, state-of-the art clinical diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and a cutting-edge information technology infrastructure.  The Medical City is anchored by an 800-bed world-class adult specialty hospital, a 400- bed premier mother and child specialty hospital.

TGMC is drawing on several key collaborators to ensure the success and continued sustainability of medical services in Nigeria and within the city. To date, TGMC group has called upon several experts to create development plans.
•Texas A&M School of Architecture - landscape and hospital designs
•HKS - leading healthcare architectural firm
•Local Communities to secure 113 Hectares of land
•Local architects within Nigeria for country-specific sourcing
•Carlson Ventures Enterprise, University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management
•Federal and local Environmental regulators to review and approve EISA studies
•Siemens to be the power plant EPC
•National University Commission (NUC) for Medical University approval and accreditation

Improvement in the quality of life of the people after the implementation


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