Strategic Planning We work with our clients to define the purpose, clarify their principles and identify business priorities necessary for sustainability and growth. 


 Our objective is to increase the odds of success for the organization over time

  •  We assess the big picture and chart the smartest possible path to growth

  •  Create a Plan that ensures goal alignment across senior executive team

  •  Execute a plan that includes stakeholders in the strategic planning process to produce buy-in

  •  Sustain the plan by ensuring organization identity provides direction and focuses attention on opportunities/threats


Our Case Study:


Thompson & Grace Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Nigeria


Business Strategies Development and Deployment

Business Problem:
T&G has grown from a two person company to over fifty staff without enhancing governance structure and business processes.  This impacted revenue growth and business expansion.
Provided leadership and direction for business operations and product development, instituted shared services such as enterprise resources management, accounting, logistics planning, marketing and sales. 

Outsourced activities that were not part of T&G’s core business functions and freed up resources from spinning wheels. 

Instituted mandatory corporate values to hold leaders, managers and employee accountable for ethical and policy violations.
Embarked on, and improved intrinsic value of the enterprise business strategy by reviewing business processes, workflow analysis, key performance indices, sales reports, financial statements, project status as required by the stakeholders.

Developed reusable marketing strategy for each product line/range. 

Recommended a new approach to managing product pricing with foreign manufacturers in light of government’s (Central Bank) inflexible foreign exchange regulations.    
Resulted in increased revenue and sound marketing mix


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